Dear vIsItors

The experiences we have been threough in our life adds new responsibilities on us. Our responsibilities are genetically diverted to life. In each struggle there is something to be told about life.

Our foundation has been established by 41 founder members. Since from the very beginning of our foundation we have succeeded to perform many activities for the first time in Turkiye and we are continuing to do so. We are supporting the handicapped by rehabilitating them with the tools their universal power is undisputed namey “education and sports” and assisting their productive struggle.

The handicapped prowed not only in sports also in other fields that they are more productive and successful than the unhandicapped although they are regarded by the majority of the population a so to speak second class approach.

I personally have experienced how they suffering both pshycological pshysical. As a person who has seen and felt in his heart how they are tied to life against all odds I can say that:

Important is what we consider as important, if we are avare of it than we will see, hear and feel in accordance. We should never forget that we all are probable handicapped.