CLAUSE 1 - ‘TURKEY DISABLED PERSONS SPORT AID AND EDUCATION ORGANZATION (TESYEV)’ was established in accordance with the 13 July 1999 dated and E.1999/198, K.1999/418 no registration number decision of Istanbul 11 the Civil Court ; approved at the 19 February 1999 dated and 4881 daily wage number and 18 June 199 dated and 21352 daily wage no.

Turkey Disabled Persons Sport Aid and Education Organization , has been called as ( Organization ) in the next clauses.

Headquarter and Branches
CLAUSE 2 - The headquarter of the organization is at the Hattat Halim Sok.No:13 Kat:3 Balmumcu - İstanbul address. It may open branches, offices and agents with in the country and abroad with the decision of board of directors and approval of competent authorities.
Objective and Service Subjects
CLAUSE 3 - The purpose of the organization is “providing the benefiting of the disabled persons whose numbers are expressed with millions in our country from all education institutions as all other persons and providing of them sharing the life as individuals who gained their self- confidence by making sport’’

The service activities for the purpose of the organization are as stated below;

3.1. Education and Training Activities:

3.1.1) to help the work of ergonomic and architecturearrangements which will be done on all the public and privarte schools by thinking that all kind of handicapped people will be able to benefit from these appropriate changes of substructure and architectural, to cooperate about this subject wiht all corporations of education , to support the mentioned work, 

3.1.2) to establish sample education corporations of kinder garden, primary, secondary, license and post graduate of which substructure has been arranged contemporarily for the handicapped students to have education, to help establishment , to cooperate about this subject with the national and international corporations,
3.2 Sport Activities:

3.2.1) Researching that what kind of sports activities that disabled persons who are classified according to the accepted international norms other than the ones known in our country,

3.2.2) Researching the supply of the tools and equipments for the disabled persons to continue their normal lives and also make these sports, supplying these from the country or abroad ,in order to cause to gain of the production technology in developed countries establishing common manufacturing facilities with the leader companies in that countries and providing the operation of them; establishing sports facilities also about these sports branches, making arrangements for the disabled persons in the existing facilities.

3.2.3 Arrangin training programs about these matters and making contributions to whether sportsman, trainer and referee training course by making cooperation with the Sports Federations of Turkey related disabled persons,

3.2.4) Establishing sports clubs in various disable groups and sports fields, providing aid to the establishment of sports clubs,

3.2.5) Growing up administrative and technical managers in these sports fields, granting Inner Country and Abroad Education and Education scholarships, opening Sports Training and Education Institution in the Country when necessary and giving aid to the existing ones.,

3.2.6) Supporting the training and studies of the high intelligent disabled National Sportsmen and providing aids for they are being most productive and preservation of the physical fitness they have,

3.2.7) Carrying out research, publication and documentation actions that will be useful for the development of Turkey disabled sports,

3.2.8) Establishing a sport site where the disabled persons can make sports and providing the construction, equipping, maintenance, repair, administration, management and inspection of the sports plants in this site and covering all costs related to these,

3.2.9) Arranging National and International activities and competitions by obtaining the necessary permissions,

3.2.10) Carrying out studied about the adoptive sports and recreation and making cooperation with the similar institutions in the world.

3.3 Aid and Support Activities:

3.3.1) Providing monetary support to the Sports Federations and Sports Clubs related to the matter when necessary, providing monetary and in same aids to these institutions with in the frame of financial possibilities for continuing of these institutions their activities,

3.3.2) Making cooperation with the institutions related to the disabled persons carrying out activities in the international fields, supporting the sports clubs and federations that will participate to the organizations of these institutions , and providing financial source to these institutions,

3.3.3) Giving country and abroad scholarships to the disabled students taking education and training at every stages of education and training,

3.3.4) Supplying all kinds of tools and equipments that the Disabled persons need for TRAINING, SPORTS, HEALTH and Rehabilitation studies and providing the DISABLED persons continue their normal lives by giving in rem and monetary aids.
3.4. Public Relation Activities :

Publishing and releasing brochures, bulletin, video cassette, cd and dvd, film, magazines, newspapers, catalogue and books; arranging conferences, panel, symposium, open meeting, forum, fair, exhibition, summer camps and schools, merriments, competitions, tours and scientific meetings,

For the best performance of the purposes and service activities listed above making cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and General Directoraret of Youth and Sports, Turkey Disabled Persons Confederation, Ministry of Education, Turkey Armed Forces, Turkey Disabled Persons Sports Federations, Turkey National Olympic Committie, Turkey National Paralimbik Committie, Country and Abroad Sports Acadamies, Sports Clubs, Prime Ministry Handicapped Persons Administration Chairmanship, Ministry of Education General Directorate of Private Education Guidance and Consultancy Services, Sports Physioteraphists and especially other various Disabled Persons, Organizations, Federation and Sports Clubs and persons, local authorities in Turkey.
Listing of Purposes and Activities
CLAUSE 4 - Organization Board of Directors stated the implementaion order of the purposes and service actions set foth in the articles of organizations in the annual working programs it will issue through the rele incomes and allocations foressen in the annual budgets and observe its fulfillment.

Legal Transactions Authority

CLAUSE 5 - Organization, in order to fulfill its objective, except for the legal limitations, s allowed and authorized as set forth in the 48th clause of the Turkey Civil law to acquire and use all kinds of movable and real properties without limitation of quantity and value by means of grant, will, purchase and renting; sale, transfer and assign the ones it possess and take and spend their revenues in accordance with the provisions of the law relating to organizations; use the one or more real properties or incomes in the possession of organization in one or more investments; provided not to contrary to the objectives of the organization and completely or partially pursuant to the objectives spending the movables and real properties it acquired by means of grant, will, purchase and all kinds of ways to the management and disposal; purchasing share notes, bond, financial bond, deposit certificate, treasury bond and other marketable securities in order to increase the organization revenues and selling this when required by the objective of the organization; making cooperation with the organizations, persons and institutions in abroad with the permission of the domestic and competent authorities carrying out studies similar to the objective of the organization, receiving grant and aid from foreign and native organizations, and other institutions and persons and making agreements to provide these grants and aids ; collecting aid by obtaining legal permission in accordance with the Aid Collecting Law; participating to the companies with the values included in monetary and property to increase its revenues it will spend for its objectives; allocating its dividend or profit share against the participations share to the manufacturing and import of the tools and equipments for its objectives; accepting not in rem rights of the possession as the easement, usufruct, habitations, lien, mortgage of the real property, use these rights, receiving all kinds of securities for its revenues existing and possible and agreements including the lien of the properties, accepting the valid bank bails borrowing when necessary when necessary in order to fulfill the organization objective, creating lien on the movable and real properties, giving bail and other securities, obtaining income from all kinds of project and studied that will be carried or being carried out in accordance with the organization objective and establishing economical administrations that will works according to usual administration principles in order provide income to the organization, have them operated directly or under its control by an operator; making ventures, disposal, property acquisition and contracts deemed necessary and convenient for the fulfillment of one or all of the objectives of the organization, establishing partnerships with the real and legal persons that may be useful to objective and service subjects of the organization; purchasing the stocks of the established partnerships and making cooperation with these.

Organization can not use these authorities and revenues for targets and in ways prohibited by laws.
Assets of the Organization
CLAUSE 6 - The assets of the organization is (26.586.54)twenty six thousand five hundred eighty six and fifty four Turkish Liras.  

Organs of the Organization

CLAUSE 7- The organs of the organization are as stated below;
7.1) Board of Trustees 
7.2) Board of Directors 
7.3) Board of Auditors 
Board of Trustees Clause
8 - Board of Trustees is the authorized decision organ of the organization and the provisions relating to working of it are as stated below;

8.1) Board of Trustees consists of the real and legal persons whose names are written in the 26th clause of the articles of association. Instead of the trustees left or dismissed new trustees are taken with the recommendation of the Board of Directors and decision of Board of Trustees.But instead of the trustees dead or disability for service, one of the successor whose names are written on the subrogation certificate given to the Board of Directors Chairmanship can be taken in to Board of Trustees in accordance with the decision of Board Of Trustees. Instead of the trustees died without giving the subrogation certificate new trustees can be taken with the recommendation of the Board of Directors and decision of Board of Trustees. .

8.2) Instead of the trustees dismissed from or leave the membership of the Board of Trustees the real and legal persons that may have important contributions for the fulfillment of objectives and service subjects of the organization and that may pay the cash and in rem trusteeship allocation foreseen in its budget every year can be the member of Board of Trustees.

8.3) Board of Trustees convene every year in March through the agenda issued by the Board of Directors and the written call that will be made latest seven days before the meeting day . Also unusual meetings may be hold with the decision of Board of Directors or written request of the 1/3 of the total number of the member of the Board of Trustees. 

8.4) At the unusual meetings of the Board of Trustees, subject can be added to the agenda with the request of the 1/10 of the members attending to the usual meetings of the Board of Trustees. But, at unusual Board of Trustees meetings, recommendation of adding item to the agenda shall not be made. 

8.5) The meetings of the Voard of Trustees are directed by a council consisting of the chairman, vice chairman, and secretary that will be elected w,th open vote, but a trustee asn not assume more than one representativeship.

8.6) The meeting and decision quorum of the Board of Trustees is absolute majority. In case quorum is not provided in the first meeting, second meting is made with the trustees attended to the meeting, But in the second meeting the condition of participation of trustees in number of two times of the original members of the Board of Directors and board of Auditors.

8.7) The trusteeships of the members of Board of Trustees left with its own desire, became disabled for service, not participate to the meetings of the BAORD OF Trustees without a cause or disconnected their ties with the Organization for similar reasons, convicted due to offence he/she committed against Atatürk and Republic are terminated with the recommendation of the Board of Directors and decision of Board of Trustees and their relation with the Organization are terminated. 

Duties and Authorities of the Board of Trustees
CLAUSE 9 - The duties and authorities of the Board of Trustees are stated below; 

9.1) taking the necessary decisions about the provisions foreseen by the laws and subject and service subjects of the organization and other subjects, 

9.2) Discussing, examining and voting the working report of the Board of Directors , balance sheet, income- expenses tables and Board of Auditors audit report of the previous working period; discussing, examining and voting the newt year Board of Directors working program, annual budget implementation directive, income and expenses budget,

9.3) Electing the original and substitute members of Board of Directors and Board of Auditors whose duties term ended and electing the members of Volunteers Committee and dismissing them when necessary. 

9.4) Taking of the required decisions about the trustees whose relation with the organization is recommend to be ended and trustee candidates with the recommendation of the organization,

9.5) Upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors or recommendation of the 1/3 majority of member total number of the Board of Trustees, discussing the Organization Articles of Association amendments and take the necessary decisions, 

9.6) Giving authority to the board of directors for the in rem right establishment on the real properties to be purchased or sold in favor of organization and on the real properties of the Organization,,

9.7) taking decisions about the participation of the organization to the high institutions to be established and separate when necessary, dissolution of the Organization and other matters in accordance with the laws, 

Board of Directors 
CLAUSE 10- Board of Directors is the authorized management and implementation organ of the organization and the provisions related to constitution and studies of it are set forth below.

10.1) Board of Directors consists of nine original and nine substitute members who are elected for to year with secret vote among the members of Board of Trustees and from outside when necessary provided not to constitute the majority.

10.2) Board of Directors makes duty divisions by selecting a chairman, two vice chairmen, a general secretary and an accountant and coordinator for its service subjects at its first meeting, 

10.3) Board of Directors convenes usually at least once a time in a month upon the agenda issued by Chairman and call of him/her and also it may convene unusual meeting when necessary with the request of chairman or at least three members with the notice that will be sent latest before seven days. The meeting quorum is five and decision quorum is absolute majority. The decisions taken with the written participation of all members without convening and the decisions taken by all the members by convening without complying with the written call procedure of the articles of association are valid. 

10.4) In case of the death of the members of board of directors, their leaving, becoming disable to serve, not participating to successive three meetings without reason or even they have causes not participating to the more than one of the half of the meetings in a working period, they deemed to leave with the decision of the Board of Directors and substitute members are called for duty instead of them with in a week. 

Working Period and Budget 
CLAUSE 16 - The working period of the organization starts on 1st January and ends on 31th December. The annual budget of the Organization consists of budget application directive and income- expense table and accounts of Organization are kept in accordance with the standard account plan accepted by the Organizations General Directorate.

Revenues of the Organization 
CLAUSE 17 - The revenues of the organization are stated below; 

17.1) the conditional and unconditional grants that will be made pursuant to objective of the organization and disposal incomes related to death . 

17.2) Trusteeship allocation that will be received from the member candidates that will participate to Board of Trustees. 

17.3) The rent, proceed, interest and dividends that will be obtained form the movable and real property of the organization and incomes that will be provided form the sale of these,

17.4) The revenues that will be obtained form the economical enterprises that Organization owns and the companies to which it is a partner, 

17.5) The revenues that will be obtained form the brochures, bulletin, video, and cd-dvd cassette, film, magazine, catalogue and book publications and conferences, panels, symposiums, open session, forum, merriments, ball, meeting with foos, tea, tours, competition and scientific meetings. 

17.6) the revenues that will be obtained in accordance with the provisions of Aid Collecting Law. 

17.7)The food stuff granted with in the scope of food banking according to the income Tax General Notification provisions for the projects implemented and to be implemented in accordance with the objectives and service subjects of the organizations, 

17.8) Other Income

Tax Exemption Principles 
CLAUSE 18 - The necessary and obligatory principles for the organization has tax exemption are shown below, 

18.1) The management of organization can spend maximum 1/3 of the gross incomes obtained with in a year to the management and expenses of continuing the management and reserve funds and to the investments increasing the assets of the organization, the remaining part 2/3 is obligated to be allocated and spent to purpose and service subjects of the Organization. 

18.2) All or part of the allowances allocated for expenses of the management and continue he management and investments that will increase the assets of the Organization and reserve funds can be allocated to the service directed to objective and service subjects of the organization or assets of the Organization. 

18.3) Organization is obliged to spend the allowances it allocated to the objective and service subjects with in the working period. But all or part of these allowances can be kept in a certain fund for the accomplishment of certain projects.

18.4) the allowances allocated to the objectives and service subjects of the organization shall not be used for any other purpose or service matter. The allowances reserved for the expenses of management and continuation of the management can be used for reserve fund or increasing the assets of the Organization. 

Reserve Fund

CLAUSE 19 - The reserve fund in the amount of % 2 of the remaining amount after the deduction of the expenses of management and continue the management from the revenues obtained at the end of a working period. 

If the annual income of the organization not be in a situation as not to meet the losses of the economical administrations related to the organization and management expenses, the required expense can be met from the reserve fund account with the recommendation of the Board of Directors and decision of Board of Trustees. 

The reserve fund provisions are kept against the marketable securities to be accumulated interest in best way in active not in account.

From starting of the establishment of the organization on the tenth year it is discussed that whether the reserve fund is enough or nor. If the reserve fund deemed to be sufficient reserving of reserve fund is stopped. If it is deemed to insufficient, reservation of the reserve fund in the same way may be continued and this matter shall be discussed at each meeting of Board of Directors in following five (5) years.

Attendance Fee Allowance

Clause 20 - Attendance fee may be paid to the members of Board of Directors and Board of Auditors in the conditions set forth in annual budgets approved by the Board of Trustees. 


Economical Administrations

CLAUSE 21 - Organization can establish economical administrations in order to fulfill the objective and service subjects of the Organization; directed to the implementation, training and income. 

In the Organization Economical administration status that will be accepted by the organization Board of Directors, the information relating to registry of the organization, objective and service subjects of the organization, working subjects of the administration, management type and representation of the administration, responsibility and principles of the administration management, financial transactions, tax exemption matter and audit of the administrations are contained. The economical administration of Organization are registered in accordance with the Trade Registry provisions and come in to effect from the date of registration. 

Changes on the Official NoteCLAUSE 22 - In case the natures and contents of the objectives and service subjects set forth in the articles of association changes as not to comply with the decree set forth by the founders of organization or there is a certain requirement for changing of the Organization Management for the protection of Organization assets or continue the objective and service subjects of the organization upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors or recommendation of 1/5 of the members of Board of Trustees with the majority decision of 2/3 of total members of Board of Trustees, registration of authorized court of first instance amendment can be made on the articles of association of the organization. 

Dissolution CLAUSE 23 - It it understood that there will be no use at the continuity of the Organization or fulfillment of the objective and working subjects of the organization deemed to impossible, upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors and approval of the Board of Directors, opinion of the Organizations General directorate and decision of authorized court of first instance, the Organization may be dissolved. 

The assets that will raise after studies which the management Board will make as the liquidation committee shall be assigned to Institution having the same objective with the decision of Board of Trustees. 

Lacking of Judgment 
CLAUSE 24 - In case there is no judgment in articles of association of the organization the provisions of the regulations about the Organizations and Turkey Civil Law. 

Founders of OrganizationCLAUSE 25 - The founders of the organization are stated below.

1- Ahmet Yavuz Kocaömer 
2- Dr.Ayşe Münire Ardalı
3- Osman Fahri Şahin 
4- Demirhan Şerefhan 5- Erol Efrant 
6- Fikret Gökçe 
7- Orhan Gökçe
 8- Filiz Şantaş
9- Mümtaz Karakaya
10- Ümit Deniz Kurt 
11- Ahmet Faruk Öztimur 
12- Cüneyt Sel 
13- Mehmet Hasip Erol
14- Taner Tula 
15- Tevfik Sarpkaya 
16- Mehmet Nazif Günal 
17- Prof.Dr.Mehmet Emin Tınaz 
18- Fatih Altaylı
19- Hülya Çilingiroğlu
20- Mehmet Emin Cankurtaran
21- Osman Dinç
22- Şenes Erzik
23- Haluk Gergin
24- Mehmet Alp Tiryakioğlu
25- Ersoy Yılmaz Diniz
26- Veli Ergin İmre 
27- Erdem Merakoğlu Göksel
28- Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat 
29- Mustafa Ruşen Selçuk
30- İsmet Cahit Kocaömer 
31- Meral Canlı
32- Canan Sezenler Ülker
33- Naciye Nalan Kosvalı 
34- Atilla Ergun 
35- Ali Duran Karakaya
36- Ertuğrul Bursa
37- Ahmet Melih Aközden
38- Meral Gürtekin
39- Prof.Dr.Nevin Ergun
40- Tanju Korel
41- Hamit Nurtan Eraslan

Members of Board of Trustees
CLAUSE 26 - The members of board off trustees are listed below.

1.Acun Ilıcalı 
2.Ahmet Ağaoğlu
3.Ahmet Gülçelik
4.Ahmet Kibar
5.Ahmet Melih Aközden
6.Ahmet Toktan      
7.Ahmet Yavuz Kocaömer
8.Ali Bahadır9.Ali Duran Karakaya
10.Ali Kibar
11.Âli Kiremitçioğlu
12.Ali Özbudak
13.Asaf Avcı
14.Atilla Ergun
15.Ayhan Bermek
16.Ayşe Münire Ardalı Dr.
17.Ayşe Yeşim Gülçelik
18.Aziz Köklü19.Bahri Büyükhanlı
20.Bekir Beşen
21.Bekir Yunus Uçar
22.Berrin Altınöz
23.Beyza Ağaoğlu
24.Birgül Kılıç
25.Burçak Küçükçalı
26.Buyral Mavuş
27.Cengiz Altaylı
28.Cenk Odabaşı
29.Cihat Tokgöz
30.Cumhur Akay
31.Cüneyt Sel
32.Çetin Aktürk
33.Çevik Bir Em. Org.
34.Demirhan Şerefhan
35.Diethard (Hasan) Busowietz
36.Doğan Arıkan
37.Doğan Özdemir
38.Ebru Kılıç Çerezci 
39.Engin Avcı
40.Engin Kanyar
41.Erol Efrand
42.Ersin Özince
43.Ersoy Yılmaz Diniz
44.Ertuğrul Bursa
45.Eyüp Osman Hacıbekiroğlu
46.Fatih Altaylı
47.Fırat Gönenç
48.Fikret Ercan
49.Fikret Gökçe
50.Fuat Çimen
51.Gerald Metroz
52.Gülten Deniz
53.Gürbüz Refioğlu
54.H. Ayhan Ergin E. Vali
55.H. Engin Muratoğlu
56.H. Erdal Denizaslanı
57.Hakan Çelik
58.Haluk Gergin
59.Hamit Nurtan Eraslan
60.Handan Yargan
61.Hasan Gocay
62.Hıfzı Özcan Prof. Dr.
63.Hülya Çilingiroğlu
64.Hüseyin Akın Yılmaz
65.Hüseyin Aksu
66.Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat
67.İbrahim Gözükara Prof. Dr.
68.İbrahim Gümüşdal
69.İlhan Kılıç Em. Org.
70.İsmet Cahit Kocaömer
71.Kasım Yaman
72.Kaya Çilingiroğlu
73.Kaya Şimşek
74.Kerim Altınok
75.Lütfi Aygüler
76.Mehmet Alp Tiryakioğlu
77.Mehmet Atalay
78.Mehmet Emin Cankurtaran
79.Mehmet Emin Tınaz Prof. Dr.
80.Mehmet Hasip Erol
81.Mehmet İbrahimiye
82.Meral Canlı
83.Mesut Dedeoğlu
84.Metin Şentürk
85.Murat Şahin
86.Murat Terzihan
87.Mustafa Kemal Sayıl
88.Mustafa Ruşen Selçuk
89.Mümtaz Karakaya
90.Nevin Ergun Prof. Dr.
91.Oktay Yavuz
92.Osman F. Şahin
93.Osman Zeki Aytaç
94.Pervin Köse
95.Rıza Engin Akış
96.Selim Altınok
97.Serdar Çakalkurt
98.Serdar Devge Dt.
99.Serra Tunaman Parlakışık
100.Sezai Bağbaşı
101.Sibel Fatma Çarmıklı
102.Süha Aktaş
103.Süheyla Çebi
104.Şansav Büyüka
105.Şeci Mehmet Sürel
106.Şefik Öztek
107.Şenes Erzik
108.Taner Tula Dr.
109.Tanju Korel
110.Tevfik Sarpkaya
111.Tuna Durmaz
112.Uğur Batur
113.Ümit Deniz Kurt Av.
114.V. Faruk Ebubekir
115.Veli Ergin İmre
116.Yeliz Domaç
117.Yunus Akgül
118.Zahide Canan Kocaömer

Authority of Registration Operations

TEMPORARY ARTICLE 1- Advocate Suat BALLAR has been appointed as agent authority on the formal deed of the foundation for the approval transaction which has been envisaged to be changed by the notary and for the operations at authorised court of first instance and the changes on the formal deed which will be needed again.